A client once called Meenakshi a transcultural nomad with an exotic omelette of an accent – perfect for the world of Voiceovers. A product of 12 cities on 3 continents, Meenakshi’s distinctly international yet comfortably neutral accent, best represents her ability to adapt to and adopt from different cultures. With a passion for voiceovers, a flair for public speaking, and armed with her unique voice, presentation skills, and professionalism, she has consistently been the go-to voice for important presentations at University, and while working as a Design Consultant for the world's largest Image Apparel company. 

Both sophisticated and warm, her voice effortlessly transitions from reading joyful children's books, to delivering serious corporate presentations, to gently and knowledgeably guiding you through a museum exhibit. Her well-modulated and neutrally accented voice has served her immensely well in today's global and multifaceted Voiceover industry. 

Meenakshi has a BFA in performance and painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MBA in Strategy and Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and London Business School. Currently based in NYC, she thrives on diversity and challenges, and welcomes the opportunity to be the voice of your project. 

Photo courtesy of  Pete Voelker

Photo courtesy of Pete Voelker